The magic of analogue photography


Workshop with photographer Mark van Hattem

Dates: February, 17th; April, 14th; June, 16th, 2018.

Always wanted to photograph the old fashioned way but never knew where to start? You have found the perfect starting point now.

Photographing analogue means slow, risky and conscious photographing. It demands a “hands-on” mentality. Who wants to , gets results very different from those of digital photography. From the moment you start, you have to make very important choices, that will affect the look and feel of the images you get. Because of this, know what you want to make beforehand! This concerns choices like the film size – will it be 35mm film, 120 rolfilm or sheetfilm? Which type? What camera will I use, and how does it work and where do I find it? How to use a separate lightmeter? How do I develop my own negatives without a darkroom?

In this workshop, we will deal with all these questions and more. We will discuss what kind of look and feel you’re aiming for, the different options with the film types and camera’s and – globally- how to use them. During the workshop, everybody shoots a few pictures and we will develop these negatives using tanks (without darkroom!). You can bring your own analogue camera, but we have historical camera’s that you may use as well. Afterwards, you will have a scan of the negatives you’ve shot emailed to you. But more important, you will know now what there is to choose from, how and where to buy your equipment, and start shooting analogue yourself.


Maximum number number of participants: 6. To have a fruitful day, it helps if you are familiair with things like aperture, shutter time and ISO. You don’t need any equipment: you can use ours. But we love to see your analogue camera, if you have one. We do not make prints: the results are negatives and scans. Don’t worry about the lunch; it is covered.


The price for all this is € 85,00.

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