(german n.) "the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what"; a yearning for a far, familiar, non-earthly land or time one can identify as one's home.
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Galerie Sehnsucht is a gallery dedicated to photography. We show work of (inter)national photographers who search an timeless je-ne-sais-quois in their photos. In a modern-yet bygone ambiance the expositions are combined with workshops, small events like lectures and music. One can even enjoy a good coffee and delicious pastries from a inspiring old Austrian early 20th-century family cookbook for it its proven that art sells best in a foody environment.


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The ‘Galerie Sehnsucht’ is not like any other art gallery. It is a place with good vibrations, where image makers, collectors and those interested in the (photo)graphic arts can meet. We are an artistic homeland for images dealing with dreams, longings, and eclectic associations.
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The gallery is open for the 'classic' gallery-visitor, but is also a place of workshops and lectures, a place to read and exchange images, music, poetry and inspiration, We even seduce people to come in for fabulous cake & good coffee. So lots of people will come in an see our work.
The gallery is structured around a model of participation. We do “call for entries”, and you participate by sending in images for a small fee. A jury will select the winning images. The these images will make up the exhibition. And we of course, will do our utmost to sell your work.

Sehnsucht nach Kuchen?

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If you are interested in our exhibitions, workshops and other evenents, take a look! You have nothing to loose!
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We are the people behind Galerie Sehnsucht

Mariska Pool
Mariska Pool

Art Historian & Digital Artist

Dreamy, detail oriented photoshopper & photorecycler with a passion for art, animals and uncanny things. Creative, loves to bake cakes.

    Mark van Hattem
    Mark van Hattem


    Focused photographer who captures reality with antique cameras and old school printing techniques. Most likely you'll find him outdoors.



      You are also part of the team with your camera and your unique photographs. And when you are a collector you also make Galerie Sehnsucht happen.