Galerie Sehnsucht loves analogue photography. During the Black Box Power Portrait-sessions you’ll be introduced in the mysteries of this old school photography, and you handle a technical camera older than you are. These old cameras where designed to make the ideal portrait. That is exactly what you and your peers are going to do: making a beautiful, classic vintage portrait. Your Linkedin profile will never be the same.

You decide how you will look. Be creative with your outfit, ask us for accessoires – we might be able to help you to get a vintage look using simple things like hats, umbrella’s or fan’s.

You will also be the one wielding the camera and photographing your peers. Feel how it is underneath the photographers dark cloth!

There is the option to work with a camera dating back to 1924. With this camera, photographs are taken on direct positive paper. This means the image will be developed immediately after taking the photograph. It is the same process as the old images on glass – but paper is easier to take home.

Using a micro camera dating back to 1949, we make a portrait using flash photgraphy. It is with these camera’s and techniques that the film stars of the thirties, fourties and fifties had their famous portraits taken: Marlene Dietrich, Vivian Leigh and many others had their portraits taken with these camera’s. They deliver negatives, which we will develop and scan for you.

Dates: on request

Customization is possible

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hrs depending on the amount of participants.

Target price: € 175,00 for 6 people