Galerie Sehnsucht has a small but nice collection of analogue, vintage cameras for sale in our venue. We work with Cameraherstelpunt as a partner, but also sell camera’s of other vendors. All cameras from Cameraherstelpunt are sold with three months guarantee. You get a discount on a workshop darkroom silver gelatine printing at Cameraherstelpunt.

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The links refer to reviews of the camera’s to be found on the internet. Price range is currently between 35 and 1875 euros!


Leica IIIf “Black Dial”, 1952-1953, with original case and accessoires

A true treasure is this original case with Leica IIIf, lenses and accessoires, in very good condition. The Leica IIIf was one of the first Leica rangefinder camera’s with changeable lenses (39mm screw mount) and flash synchronization. The lenses and camera were very well suited to colour photography as well as classical black and white. It was the camera with which Stanley Kubrick made his famous self-portrait in the mirror.

The camera comes with the highly valued Summicron 50 mm f2 lens, one of kind quality; added to this is the Elmar 90 mm f4 lens, another prime. In the case you will find UV-filters, orange, green and red filter, separate self-timer device and exchangeable rangefinders along with the original leather straps and cases. Shutter speed up to 1/1000.

Price: € 1875,00

More on the Leica IIIf here


Nikon FM

Nikon FM is a 35mm SLR made between 1977 and 1984. Manual exposure camera that takes any Nikon AI or AI-S lenses. Given the serial number, this one was manufactured in the USA. The Nikon FM was made for the ambitious amateur, and had all the reliable and good quality manufacturing that made Nikon stand out. It is sturdy, simple to use, and won’t fail you, although it has no electronic gadgets.

“It’s all the camera you need”.

Complete with motor drive MD-12, lens: Nikkor AF 70-210 mm f4.

Price: € 125,00 as is. Available in shop.

Review of the Nikon FM on internet


Mamiya 645 with Kiev ‘Mir 26’ lens

Mamiya 645 medium format camera for 120 rolfilm with Kiev f3.5 45mm lens (wide angle for MF, originally called the MIR 26). Originally produced since the sixties. No film back, film is inserted directly into the camera. Electronic focal plane shutter. With the unique 6 x 4,5 format, it is possible to shoot 15 exposures on a roll of film, and have an image size ratio of 2:3 (like 35mm film, or 6×9).

This camera is especially suited for someone starting with Medium Format camera work and wanting to have a reliable work horse which shoots good quality, modern crisp images. The Kiev lens is of good optic quality and based on Zeiss concepts.

€ 200,00, with three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in shop.

More on the Mamiya 645 here:


Olympus Trip 35

One of the first point-and-shoot 35mm camera’s, light but sturdy, fits in your hand. Produced between 1967 and 1984, ten million of these consumer camera’s were sold. It’s an icon of an era. It has a fine 40mm f2.8 lens, and has automatic exposure settings. The shutter speed is standard at 1/40, and the camera will choose it’s own aperture speed. Focusing is done by scale focussing – maybe not always that accurate, but you don’t lose time either.

A nice camera for those looking for a snap-shot like style, or simply having fun.

€ 35,00. Available in shop.

Review on the internet



Collector’s item for the historical enthusiast: the FED-1 (E) camera, the Sovjet imitation of the German Leica II, produced in the Ukriane (Charkov) under NKVD supervision. This one serial number 386414. This is one is of the series produced after the industrial compound was restored after WWII (with many apparatus from the Zeiss Ikon plants!), more specific the PE0300 series, which was sold between 1949 and 1953.

The camera takes 35mm film cassettes, is fitted with an 50mm f3,5 lens, is a rangefinder for the focus. Shutter speeds between 1/20 and 1/500. These camera’s have no light meters!

Comes with an original, nice leather bag.

More information on these camera’s? See:

Price € 125,00, It is a sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in shop.


Graflex Speed Graphic

The Graflex Speed Graphic is another collector’s item. It’s normal use is with 4×5 inch photography, but this one does take Graflock rollfilm holders. Designed for use in the field, mainly as a press camera, these camera’s are equiped with a rangefinder on top of the box. It has a rather cumbersome but very special focal plane shutter in the back, with the possibility to “speed up” the shutter to 1/500 sec (there were also models which went up to 1/1000). Because of it’s built in shutter, it is possible to use lenses without a shutter. This one is equipped with a Xenar Schneider 135mm f4,5 lens.

The camera is capable of tilt- and shift, but not of swing movements (because it was used for press photography). It can be fitted with a flash unit. There is, alas, no accompanyning film back with this camera, although these might quite easily be obtained through eBay or the like. It is equiped with a Graflock back, more information on these backs – which make possible the use of a rollfilm holder – can be found here:

Price € 200,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in shop.


Zeiss Ikon Nettar 512/2, 6×9 cm, 1933-1940

Not only a collector’s item, but also the ideal starting point for medium format photography. This Zeiss Ikon self erecting-folding camera is pre-war, given it’s combination of a Klio shutter and Anastigmat lens. It has shutter speeds of 1 to 1/150 sec., which makes the camera ill suited to faster film (say, higher than 200 ASA). It has aperture settings of f4,5 to f32 and follows the classical look of the better amateur camera ever since the 1890s.

It takes 120 roll film, and makes 6 x 9 cm exposures, which means it has the usual 2:3 image ratio and gives rather large negatives. The soft Anastigmat lenses are of good quaility, and they will give that special softness in local contrast. It is not adapted for colour photography (which doesn’t mean you can’t take a colour picture with it, but colours might shift a little).

This beauty is equiped with a separate rangefinder by Watameter, making focussing easier, and a viewfinder as well.

More information on these camera’s is to be found on:
Description on Zeiss Ikon Nettar 512/2 on the internet

Price: € 125,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in the shop.


Canon P, 1959-1962.

Review on the internet of Canon P

Classical rangefinder camera, Leica quality Canon remake with a Jupiler 50mm lens, no lightmeter, metal shutter, self-timer. Screw mount for adjustable lenses. The rangefinder has a UV filter, making it possible to still look through it with opposite light. With these camera’s, based on the succesfull Leica’s, Canon entered the photo camera market….and with everlasting success.

Price: € 225,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor.


Canon Ft b, produced from 1971

Review on the internet of Canon Ft b

SLR (Single Lens Reflex), Canon lens 50 mm, f 1.8, with lightmeter. An absolutely classic, sturdy and reliable camera, easy to use, with beautiful lens.

 Price € 125,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee from the vendor.



Yashica 35, produced 1958-1959 

“The poor man’s rangefinder”.
Review on the internet of Yashica 35

Rangefinder camera, Tessar quality lens made by Yashica, 45mm, f2.8, not adjusted for colour photography

Price: € 75,00.


Yashica Electro 35 GSN (Satin Chrome), produced since 1973

Review on the internet of Yashica Electro 35

Rangefinder camera with automatic lightmeter, aperture priority;
colour adjusted 45mm f1.7 lens, planar quality, steel body,modern battery compartment. Complete steel body.

Price: € 195,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in shop.


Zeiss Ikon, Ikoflex Klio, Twin Reflex camera, the “Coffee Can”, 1934

Description on the internet

Absolute collector’s item. The Ikoflex was nicknamed “the coffee can”, because of its design. It was the alternative to the Rolleiflex at the time, but they are quite rare: a real collector’s item. It takes medium format 120 film and has a Novar 80mm f4.5 lens. Sold with the original box.

Price: € 295,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in shop.


Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 524/16, Germany, 1951-54


An ideal starterscamera for medium format with a good quality 75mm Doppel Anastigmat lens, equal to the Tessar. It takes 6×6 exposures (12 on a roll). Self erecting folding camera, made for professional use (the Nettar was for the better amateur, according to Zeiss Ikon, although only lens and shutter differentiated.
This model has a (uncoupled) rangefinder for determining the depth of field.

Description on internet

Price: € 125,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor. Available in shop.


Hasselblad 2000 fcw, with 150 mm Carl Zeiss Hasselblad lens, 1984-1988

Hasselblad is synomnous to quality. Our high end medium format solution. Adjusted so taking the lens off is much easier and less risky, with a beautiful portraitlens of 150 mm f 4. Filmcartridge adjustable for motordrive, digital back can easily be connected. Excellent condition.

Price: € 1200,00. It is sold with a three month guarantee by the vendor.

Review on the internet