Element – From June, 1st,  until June, 3rd.

June 1st: 17.00 – 21.00

Exhibition with works of the photographersgroup F175. F175 consists of photographers Cora Baas, Saskia Bruinsma, Annegien Haselager, Ilse Oosterkamp, Jessica Scholtes & Fred van Veluw. Each photographer has a different approach conform his or her own theme and way of working. This leads to a special and exciting exhibition with a great diversity in images and  effects.

You are cordially invited to the opening event on Friday June 1st, 17.00 – 21.00 hrs and of course on the other days of the exhibition

sat. 02.06 – 12.00 -17.00 hrs
Live music 15.00 -16.00 hrs

sun. 03.06 – 12.00-17.00 hrs

The photographers of F175 all graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam and decided to group together for a maximum of inspiration, reflection and artistic growth.

Cora Baas – Aoteroa II

Cora Baas

The power and sometimes violence of nature shows us time and again how vunerable and puny we humans are. Against the evolution and the many millions and billions of years the earth exsists we humans draw the tighter end. From that perspective we are no more than a futile passerby, a shadow, or to put it differently: a small part, an ‘Element’. For Cora Baas the nature landscape is her main source of inspiration and also the subject of her work.


Saskia Bruinsma – Project X

Saskia Bruinsma

Saskia Bruinsma is a documentary portrait photographer as well as a lawyer. Bruinsma wants to draw attention to hidden, invisible sorrow and injustice and does so by combining found documentation and photography. For Element, Bruinsma shows the complexity of psychological and sexual abuse and its traumatic consequences. Bruinsma has followed a young woman for two years. Although the external elements are separate from each other, they intervene separately and as a whole in her life. It is a reflection of the complexity of contemporary society. In the autumn of 2018, this true story will be published in book form.


Annegien Haselager

As a landscape photographer Annegien Haselager investigates the peace and quiet around her. In this ephemeral and fast life she feels the need to capture the moments and to take them with her. In this way she builds a collection of memories. At home she looks at the image again and examines which elements she can add to give it the right load. This may concern traditional techniques, but also choice of materials or presentation.


Ilse Oosterkamp – Helden

Ilse Oosterkamp

Ilse Oosterkamp photographs the beauty of the unusual. She is interested in photographing special people and how they deal with everyday things. She zooms in on certain parts, creating a new reality.




Jessica Scholtes

Jessica Scholtes

Under the name Atelier Beeld en Ruimte, Jessica Scholtes makes visual studies into the planned environment and the idea of manufacturability. By creating composite images and objects she combines photography with her background in architecture in her own way.


Fred van Veluw – Hydrophobia 1

Fred van Veluw

Photography is a way for Fred van Veluw to express his emotions. All his work is concentrated around the themes of threat, fear and resignation. He creates visual fiction with strong emotions. Through suggestive staging he presents a tableau of uncertainty that could become reality. He constructs situations and expresses emotions that he wants the viewers to feel and pass through. He challenges them to associate with his images from their own backgrounds and from their own experiences.