Leander Varekamp – Wintergasten

Haagse Kunstkring in The Hague from december 26th  2019 – january 5th 2020. For more information and opening hours check the Haagse kunstkring     




Mark van Hattem, Jacqueline Louter, Dieter Provoost & Helma Vlemming – Rotterdam Photo

Rotterdam Photo at the Deliplein in Rotterdam from February 6th – February 9th 2020. For more information see www.rotterdamphotofestival.com


Nicole Hagesteijn, Jacqueline Louter, Dieter Provoost & Helma Vlemming – Kunstschouw

The Kunstschouw is part of the organized route along various artlocations at Schouwen-Duiveland and planned from June 12th until June 21st 2020. Nicole Hagesteijn’s studio in Burg Haamstede is selected by the organizing committee to be part of this route. More information www.kunstschouw.nl


Jacqueline Louter, Dieter Provoost, Olga Rook, Mark van Hattem, Leander Varekamp & John de Vos – Haagse Kunstkring

Various Nomads will show their latest work in this group exhibition at the Haage Kunstkring from July 1th – July 26th 2020. More information will follow.

Mark van Hattem, Nicole Hagesteijn, Jacqueline Louter, Mariska Pool, Dieter Provoost, Olga Rook & John de Vos – RAR

A selection of nomads will exhibit works at Regio Art Rijnmond in Spijkenisse from October 17th until November 14th 2020. More information will follow on www.regioartrijnmond.nl