December, 2nd, 15.00 – 18.00 hours, Galerie Sehnsucht

On December 2nd, you will have an unique chance to meet many of the photographers that currently exhibit their work in Galerie Sehnsucht. They will explain their work to you and you can discuss freely about photography in general and their work in particular. This way, the images they made will come more to live to you. You could, in this way, get inspired for building or expanding your collection of photography, or get inspiration for your own work as photographic artist.

With the international exhibition showing work of 24 photographers, 11 of them will be there from 15 hours until 18 hours in the afternoon. This includes Thana Faroq, Anneloes Pabbruwee, Annemarie van Buuren, Jacqueline Louter-Hoos, Jan Theun van Rees, Leander Varekamp, Mariëlle Uijterwijk-Winkel, Mascha Joustra, Philippe Moroux, Vassilis Triantis, Wybe Hietbrink and Yanina Cesa.

It is a meet and greet, giving you the opportunity for your own questions and thoughts, so no lectures or presentations – just a meeting with good vibes: you can walk in anytime. We will make sure you will enjoy the atmosphere and please, don’t hesitate to invite who ever you know that is interested in photography, as collector, photographer or just spectator.

See you at Sehnsucht!