Saturday June 9: 15.00 – 18.00 hrs: midissage for Wonderful June

Jacqueline Louter-Hoos – Rococo, 2018

On Saturday June 9th we will host a midissage for our Wonderful June-exhibition from 15.00 – 18.00 hrs. Come over to our gallery to drink a glass, to chat and foremost to enjoy the wonderful artworks that celebrate summertime!

Centerpiece of the exhibition “Wonderful June” will be the colourful and joyous flower still lives from the series PRESERVED by Jacqueline Louter, inspired by different style periods in history and culture. The bouquets consists of found artificial flowers, fruit, birds and insects from the thrift store. Jacqueline will of course be there to present her magnificent work!

Esther Hessing – Dutch, 2014

Furthermore, we will exhibit work from Monique Baan, Annemarie van Buuren, Jesse Budel, Yanina Cesa, Daniella de Haan, Esther Hessing, Christian Klant, Mischa Keyser and Otto Snoek. All these works from our collection are related to the wonderful start of summer. Some of the photographers will also be present the midissage. The exhibition runs from June 6th until June 17th.