Galerie Sehnsucht will walk into the future with a nomadic programme on art photography, made by and showing the work of the following photographers. We will undertake this adventure as a nomadic artists collective, always striving to look for the meaning and limits of photography and the utmost creativity.

If you want to get to know us better, check out our personal websites. When time moves on, there will be more and more work of us to be shown here on the Galerie Sehnsucht page and events.

Dieter Provoost –

Helma Vlemmings –

Jacqueline Louter-Hoos –

John de Vos –

Leander Varekamp –

Mariska Pool –

Mark van Hattem –

Nicole Hagesteijn –

Olga Rook –

Galerie Sehnsucht is a selling point for vintage, analogue cameras from the collection of the CHP, the Cameraherstelpunt. This is a small firm in Rotterdam that repairs and sells vintage cameras. We don’t have a webshop; you will have to come over to our venue in order to see, try and buy the cameras. However, we can also search and look for certain types of cameras for you if you are looking for something special. All cameras are sold with a three month guarantee. Furthermore, you get a free workshop darkroom at CHP, and when you’ve followed a workshop “the magic of analogue” in Galerie Sehnsucht, you get a 10% discount on camera’s priced below € 150,00.