Galerie Sehnsucht is starting point of the Gallery Crawl in Rotterdam Noord. This part of town has some surprisingly good an interesting galleries, but also nice shops and  hotspots for gourmands to tickle their taste buds. So check the website and crawl around in this creative part of town.



Our printing work is done by Fotovakprint, a small company run by Jeroen Noordhoek, who has 20 years experience in fine art printing and is located just a ten minutes walk from our gallery. Het Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam is among his clients.


Galerie Sehnsucht is a selling point for vintage, analogue cameras from the collection of the CHP, the Cameraherstelpunt. This is a small firm in Rotterdam that repairs and sells vintage cameras. We don’t have a webshop; you will have to come over to our venue in order to see, try and buy the cameras. However, we can also search and look for certain types of cameras for you if you are looking for something special. All cameras are sold with a three month guarantee. Furthermore, you get a free workshop darkroom at CHP, and when you’ve followed a workshop “the magic of analogue” in Galerie Sehnsucht, you get a 10% discount on camera’s priced below € 150,00.