Darry Brown and Gallery Sehnsucht present a night of poetry, photography and good company on November, 17th, 19.30 hours. Seven Spoken Word Artists will reflect on photographs exhibited in the exhibtion :”Winterreise” and transform image into words, sounds and ideas. Expect the unexpected, sensitive, poetic and surprising thoughts and enjoy a company with creative spirit in Rotterdam. The Spoken Word Artists are young, ambitious and talented, and we are proud to present to you: Darry Brown, Jaime, Moontouch, De Alchemist, Geoffrey, Naod and Mavio. They will reflect on work by photographers Nicole Hagesteijn, Marlike Marks, Dieter Provoost, Douwe van der Voort, Irminia Lentjes, Pascale Husting and Rommert Boonstra.