Do you want to show your work at Galerie Sehnsucht?

(Photo Sophie de Vos)

There are several options:

Participate in a call

Participate in our calls for entries. Send in a selection of your best work for our juried exhibitions. Pay just a little fee (€ 15,00 – € 25,00) and you have a fair chance your work is picked out to be part of the exhibition. Your work will be on show for six weeks during opening hours. Learn more here

By Invitation only

A couple of times per year the gallery invites a photographer or a group of photographers to show their work. Since this exhibition is a gallery’s pick, the photographer(s) will be asked to participate in a part of the costs. The exhibition will run for approximately a month and the gallery will take care of the promotion etc.

Your choice

If the gallery doesn’t know you as a photographer and you want to show your work during your own (one person or group) exhibition that might be possible also. Just contact us to show your portfolio. If we decide we are a match, we’ll talk you through everything. The costs will depend on the length of the show and the efforts of the gallery.  Send a mail to:

(Photo Jacqueline Louter-Hoos)