Alternative photographic printing processes – An introduction in the cyanotype, argyrotype and gumprint.

a workshop by Mark van Hattem

Date: February, 16th, 2019, 10.00 – 16.00 uur

Using historical printing processes will ensure your print will be unlike any other. They open up endless possibilities in manipulating the result and the photo won’t look like it did on your screen. Colour, sharpness, contrast, light and dark, these can all be influenced.  Every print is handmade and unique. Sometimes the process gives your image an unexpected twist, and gives you new ideas. A ‘dimroom’, without sunlight, is enough; there is no need of a darkroom.

This workshop gives an introduction in three of these processes. Afterwards, you’ll be able to make your own cyanotype or argyrotype prints, and you will know how a gumprint is made. Gumprinting in itself is too time consuming to learn in just one day. The aim of the workshop is that you’ll be able to go and experiment for yourself in the easier techniques and know where to start if you want to learn more.

The simplicity of cyanotype, the photographical qualities of agryotype and the artistic possibilities of gumprinting will surprise you. Argyrotype is a modern alternative for calotype and it gives a nice, chocolate brown image. Cyanotype is known for its blue image, but it has other possibilities too.

During the workshop you recieve a handout, which gives you all the essential information to start with, including a shopping list for the things you need. This enables you to start printing for yourself. You will take some prints in cyanotype and agryrotype home. The workshop is for beginners, a general knowledge of photography helps.

The Sound of Ayrsaig, Scotland; cyanotype

The price for the workshop is € 85,00. Coffee/tea, lunch and materials are included.

For this workshop, we have a minimum of two participants and a maximum of four. Want to join? Next date is February, 16th, 2019.

We do organize the workshop on request of 2-4 people on a date that suits us all (by appointment).

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